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Innotech Product Warranties

Innotech products are engineered and built to create lasting value for your home. The following warranties reflect our commitment to performance and durability.

Always ensure your Innotech products are appropriately installed, operated and maintained in order to get the most from your investment. For installation instructions, care + maintenance instructions, hardware adjustment instructions and other important documents, visit our Client Care resource centre.


InnoNova_70.M5 Windows + Doors

The InnoNova_70.M5 System has a Transferable 35 Year Limited Warranty.  + Download Warranty

Defender 76DS Windows

The Defender 76DS System has a Transferable 20 Year Limited Warranty. + Download Warranty

Window + Door Coverings

Innotech venetian blinds and pleated shades have a Transferable 2 Year Limited Warranty. + Download Warranty

Retractable Screens

Innotech retractable screens have a Transferable 10 Year Limited Warranty. + Download Warranty