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Industry Partners

Innotech is pleased to partner with the window and door industry’s leading suppliers and distributors.

Profine Group

Profine Group is Europe’s premier manufacturer of uPVC window and door profiles. With many distinguished brands, including Trocal and Koemmerling, Profine was the world’s first manufacturer of vinyl extrusions and continues to be the industry’s innovative leader.

Cardinal Glass Industries

Cardinal Glass Industries is North America’s largest manufacturer of advanced insulated glass units (IGU) for residential windows and doors. Cardinal’s high-performance IGUs, innovative LoE coatings and other proprietary glass products are the perfect fit for our windows and doors.


Siegenia is the world’s largest window and door hardware manufacturer. With humble beginnings in 1914, Siegenia now has manufacturing facilities in Germany, Poland and China and is recognized as the industry’s highest quality hardware for prestigious window and door brands.

Fentro Technologies

Fentro is the exclusive distributor of many European window and door products brands, including Koemmerling and Siegenia.