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Innotech windows and doors are ENERGY STAR® qualified in Canada according to the new 2010 ENERGY STAR requirements. While Innotech does not currently participate in the U.S. ENERGY STAR program, Innotech has products that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR requirements for all U.S. climate zones.


Innotech standard double glazed windows and doors meet the requirements for ENERGY STAR Zones A and B in Canada. Triple glazed windows and doors meet the requirements for Zone D in Canada, the coldest climate zone in North America.


Why is this important? Because the higher the ENERGY STAR rating (for example, Zones C and D compared to Zones A and B), the more energy efficient the windows and doors. For design professionals, this means your project will achieve greater energy efficiency. While for the owners, this means a better insulated and less drafty space which results in greater savings on their energy bills – in both summer and winter. And for the occupants, greater energy efficiency means a more comfortable working area or home.


In an industry where building codes are continuously changing, you can be confident that our windows and doors not only meet today's minimum energy efficiency requirements, but can also meet the higher energy efficiency expectations of tomorrow.