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At Innotech, performance is our passion. Recognized to be in the top 10% of window fabricators in our class*, we have fine tuned our products to reach the highest performance ratings for several product categories.


Innotech products are typically tested for:

+ Air-Water-Structural performance ratings

+ Energy Performance Ratings

+ Installed product water penetration resistance




In addition to physical testing, Innotech employs licensed professional engineers to review the shop drawings, structural design and anchoring details on all multifamily, mid and high rise projects.


Laboratory Testing


Independent laboratory tests are one important measure of product performance that can help design and building professionals determine whether products have the potential to perform to project expectations. Carried out by third-party testing agencies, they provide an objective indicator of product performance under ideal, standardized test conditions. Installed product performance depends on many variables not addressed in laboratory test reports and may differ.


Air-Water-Structural Ratings

Windows and doors are commonly tested for resistance to air leakage, water penetration, and wind load.


Energy Performance Ratings

Energy performance ratings are based on NFRC sizes and test conditions, and vary with product options such as glass type and thickness, type and quantity of Low-E coatings, presence of grids, and so on. Installed product energy performance may differ depending on product size, configuration options, and environmental conditions.


Quality Control Testing


Laboratory testing only demonstrates potential product performance under standardized and artificial conditions. Responsible manufacturers also do regular, in-house quality control testing to ensure that performance is not compromised through defects in workmanship, manufacturing processes and tolerances, and component quality.


Specifiers should not rely on a certification label for assurance of product quality. Only regular testing of production line products allows manufacturers to identify and manage the critical components, tolerances and processes that are critical to product performance.


Using a custom test chamber of our own design allows Innotech to achieve our performance commitments for both standard and unusual product configurations.


Quality Control Testing 



Jobsite Testing


Many factors affect the performance of installed products: delivery to the jobsite, handling, storage conditions, the installation process, and accidental damage by other construction processes. That is why, on many larger building projects, a number of windows and doors are tested after installation to assure the building owner that product performance has not been compromised during the construction process.


Innotech works with the design and construction team to anticipate and manage these risks and has earned a solid reputation for installed product performance, verified by on site testing, on numerous mid and high rise projects in the United States and Canada.


Engineering Inspections


On multifamily, mid rise and high rise projects Innotech employs licensed professional engineers to periodically inspect each jobsite to ensure that products are installed and anchored according to the shop drawings.



* Innotech is a licensed fabricator of TROCAL brand products from the Profine Group and is ranked in the top 10% of Profine fabricators world-wide. Profine is the world's largest supplier of Hybrid steel and uPVC window profiles.