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Working Towards Sustainability, One Piece of Scrap at a Time

At Innotech, “garbage” is a dirty word. Our corporate philosophy is to engage in as much recycling and reusing as possible. We have the incredible good fortune to be based in British Columbia, a province home to one of the country’s leading recycling programs, which helps us limit the amount of waste material we’re forced to discard.

One area where recycling has had a major impact on waste is the disposal of our excess cuts. Every Innotech window and door is composed of steel, aluminum, and uPVC, and during the manufacturing process these pieces are trimmed to length as needed. Leftover material, too small or short to be used in new windows, is collected from our shop floor and sent to local recycling companies. All of our uPVC cuts are sent to a local Langley company, Blue Planet Recycling, where the pieces are reprocessed into raw materials. These raw PVC “pellets” are then sold to local businesses to be used in the manufacture of a variety of extruded and injection molded products.

Here’s a video that shows the recycling process in action:

We’re proud of the progress we’ve achieved with our recycling programs, and we’re always looking for new ways to improve the sustainability of our operations. To learn more about the steps we’ve already made, please visit our Sustainability Journey page.