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Selling Your Home? A Little Education Can Go A Long Way

If you’re in the process of selling your home you’re probably concerned with two things: how fast can I sell it and how can I get my asking price? The internet abounds with tips and tricks for addressing both, everything from home staging, to baking fresh bread, to making your whole home gender neutral! But, thanks to the energy efficiency improvements you’ve made to your home, your Realtor may be able to help your listing stand out from the crowd.

When George Nickel, director of business development at Innotech, decided to sell his Ladner, BC home, he could have picked a better time; he listed in 2008 at the same time as when brand new homes across the street were coming on the market and the real estate marketing was beginning to weaken. George wasn’t deterred. He set an asking price at around the same price as the brand-new homes – because he knew he had an ace up his sleeve. He made sure to educate his Realtor on the many energy improvements made to his house.

Thanks to George’s investment in energy efficiency, including his Innotech windows and doors, his home cost much less to both heat and cool. He insisted that his Realtor learn about all the advanced energy-saving technology in the home and he asked that he take the time to explain the improvements to every potential home buyer. After all, although his home was older than the flashy homes across the street, his home was retrofitted with high-quality improvements – making it a more durable, energy efficient, secure and comfortable home.I

In the end the strategy was a success! George accepted an offer close to what the new homes were asking. If you’re selling your home, and you’d like to educate potential buyers on the benefits of Innotech Windows and Doors, we’d be happy to lend you one of our corner samples, perfect for showing in detail how our windows save on energy costs. To arrange for sample, simply contact us today.