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Security First!

In a recent article in the Vancouver Sun, Peter Simpson, president of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association, reminds homeowners to make sure to secure their homes before going on vacation to prevent break and enters. He lists a number of useful tips to help thwart the bad guys, including making sure all your windows and doors are locked and bolted.

We’d like to take that tip one step further: When buying new windows and doors for your home, make sure to purchase windows and doors that offer built-in security against casual break and enters. Third party locks and bolts are good, but steel reinforced and multipoint locking windows and doors are even better.┬áDon’t make security an afterthought!

Innotech manufactures one of the most secure windows and doors on the market. In fact, during our annual open house, we have a competition we like to call “Break In and Win!”. We give guests a sledgehammer and a crowbar and if they can break into the window or door, we give them a prize. So far, there haven’t been any winners (except for the “fake house” behind the window or door!).