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Innotech and ENERGY STAR®

UPDATE: This post has been updated on October 1, 2010 to reflect the new 2010 ENERGY STAR requirements.

The ENERGY STAR® label is one easy way to identify energy efficient windows and doors. In Canada, there are four ENERGY STAR climate zones: A, B, C and D. Standard double glazed Innotech windows and doors meet the requirements for Zone B — which qualifies them for Zones A and B. Triple glazed Innotech products are qualified for Zone D: all of Canada, including the far North.

As Canadian ENERGY STAR requirements are more stringent than those in the US, Innotech windows and doors also exceed the requirements of all US ENERGY STAR zones as well.

Why is this important? Because the higher the ENERGY STAR rating (zones C and D), the more energy efficient the windows and doors. For homeowners, this translate to a better insulated home with no drafts which results in greater savings on your energy bills – in both summer and winter. Other benefits to zone C and D rated windows and doors include superior air, water and sound resistance for a more comfortable home.

Canada's Energy Star Zones

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