beautiful living for generations

A Vision of Quality


We believe that from the first moment you open an Innotech window or door you will feel the difference: solid, effortless, elegant. Different from the windows and doors you have known in the past. Reflecting a European heritage that does not build for today or tomorrow, but for generations.


A Vision of Sustainability


Our windows and doors are gateways to the world; a world where people recognize the treasures that nature has provided. A world whose resources we want to use wisely and to protect. 


Our products are built to last for many years, lessening the need for costly renovations. Our products are also much more efficient, helping our customers reduce their energy usage and decrease green house gas emissions. And our products are 100% recyclable to reduce our impact on landfills. As a company, we are sensible about responsible resource management, waste reduction and recycling initiatives.


A Vision of Delight


Our windows and doors are designed to highlight expansive views, open living spaces and flood interiors with natural light. As beautiful as they are innovative, our products let you explore possibilities beyond expectations; they let you appreciate the design and engineering that goes into every window and door we manufacture.


A Vision of Your Vision


We believe there's a human face behind every one of our windows. They are architects who aspire to create a healthier dwelling; builders who value dependable performance; building owners who know that quality is an excellent investment; and homeowners who value beauty in every detail.