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Innotech and Laneway Housing


Innotech Windows + Doors is proud have been chosen to supply all of the windows and exterior doors for the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association (GVHBA) laneway house feature showcased at the Spring 2009 BC Home + Garden Show in Vancouver.


Designed and built by Smallworks Studios, the 624-sq. ft. Laneway Loft House highlights leading-edge technology, construction methods, and sustainable building products. The Laneway Loft House showcases a high-design, sustainable solution to the need for greater density in urban housing. Laneway Housing is a new housing model approved by the City of Vancouver as part of the City’s EcoDensity Charter.


Innotech windows and doors provide outstanding thermal insulation, superior air, water and sound resistance, and remarkable durability. Our windows and doors exceed the requirements of the City of Vancouver’s new Green Homes Program making them a perfect fit perfect for Laneway Housing and other green building projects.


GVHBA Laneway Loft House


Featured at the spring 2009 BC Home + Garden Show, the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association Laneway Loft House was built by Smallworks Studio. Innotech windows and doors are featured throughout the GVHBA Laneway Loft House and include titanium acryl-protect exterior and white interior colour finish dual-action tilt + turn windows, a patio swing door with top and side windows, and an entrance door with side windows.


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What is EcoDensity?


EcoDensity addresses climate change and ecological footprints in high-density urban developments. The City of Vancouver describes EcoDensity as the density, design, and land use part of sustainability and affordability.


In June 2008, Vancouver City councillors voted to adopt the EcoDensity Charter. The EcoDensity Charter commits the City of Vancouver to make environmental sustainability a primary goal in all city planning decisions.


Other municipalities, such as Maple Ridge, Nanaimo, Surrey and Langley, have followed in the City of Vancouver’s lead and have changed local zoning bylaws to allow for laneway housing. In 2009, additional municipalities have planned to look into the benefits of laneway housing as a solution to sustainable urban development.


For more information on the City of Vancouver’s EcoDensity Charter, visit www.vancouver-ecodensity.ca.


What is LEED®?


One of the two immediate actions implemented by the City of Vancouver is to require that all applications for new rezoning meet a minimum LEED® Silver rating.


LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a third-party, internationally recognized green building rating system that encourages sustainable green building and development practices. LEED recognizes a home or building’s performance in five key areas, including sustainable site development, water efficiency, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality.


For more information about LEED, visit the Canada Green Building Council.


What is Laneway Housing?


Laneway Housing (or backyard housing) is a recently approved housing model for the City of Vancouver that allows homeowners to add a small house in their backyard in the place of their current garage. One of the key requirements is that all Laneway housing must meet the City of Vancouver’s new Green Homes Program.


For more information on the City of Vancouver’s Laneway Housing, click here.


Why Innotech Windows and Doors?


Innotech is committed to producing high quality, energy efficient and long last windows and doors that are well suited for sustainable building such as laneway homes. We believe there are three components to green windows and doors: energy performance, life cycle (durability), and indoor environmental quality. Read more about the three factors of sustainability.




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